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How TrackR Works

TrackR bravo

Tired of losing your keys, wallet and phone? Attach the coin-sized TrackR bravo to any item and use the TrackR app to locate it in seconds. Ring your missing item or get a reminder to grab your item before leaving it behind.
Lost your phone? Press the button on your TrackR bravo to ring your missing phone – even on silent!
And if you’re far away from your missing item, TrackR’s Crowd Locate network will show you its last location on a map.

TrackR sticker

The TrackR sticker is a coin-sized device that easily attaches to your valuable items in one of two ways. This device can either be stuck on using the self-adhesive label provided or the device can be attached to anything using the 2 inch lanyard lace supplied, ideal for keys rings, bag handles or straps. Easily hidden and will be practically hidden.

The TrackR sticker device wirelessly connects to your mobile through an App called ‘TrackR’ which is FREE and downloadable from either the App Store for Apple devices or Play Store for use with Android devices. The TrackR technology is the only technology that offers two way tracking enabling users to ring either from the device to the mobile or from the mobile to the device.

TrackR wallet

TrackR wallet is a slim, ultra-thin device that can easily slip inside your wallet, purse, or attach to any of your valuable items. Use the TrackR app to locate your belongings by ringing your device, finding them with the TrackR Distance Indicator, or via Crowd Locate. Learn more by watching the video below!

How does Crowd Locate work?

If you lose your item outside Bluetooth range, TrackR’s Crowd Locate network will automatically start looking for your item.Crowd Locate runs on crowd-sourced technology. If another TrackR user walks by your item, you’ll receive an anonymous update with your missing item’s last known location.

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