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Track Your phone, Wallet, Keys & Anything Else With TrackR Bravo!

Track your phone, your wallet your keys, and any other items that you often misplace with the TrackR Bravo device.

This ultra slim GPS tracking device is so easy to use, simply download the free TrackR app from the app store (works on the iphone and android phones) follow the instructions to link your device to the app and you can instantly see the exact location of your item.

track your phone

The device uses a small cell battery, so never needs to be recharged.  Batteries last for around a year, and with our great offers on battery replacement, this is no problem.   All you need to do is to ensure your phone is connected to bluetooth, job done!

As the device works to track your phone, even when to your phone is set to silent mode, this is perfect for those times when you are running late for an appointment, and you know you phone is somewhere in the house, but where?  Under piles of paperwork, down the back of the sofa, it could be anywhere but you know its in the house somewhere!  Time spent searching for missing items is stressful, and a waste of your valuable time.

And if you are in a rush and leave the house without your phone, if you have the Trackr device on your key ring it will soon let you know that you have left your phone behind!

Of course, this is not just restricted to your phone, what other items do you often misplace around the home?  The TrackR will track anything you put it on, keys, wallet, phone, how about the TV remote?

The rise of technology does mean that we have a lot more to think about and consider, sometimes feeling quite overloaded with information.  The upside of this is that we can use this technology to make 21st century life easier!

Try the TrackR Bravo, and simplify another area of your life today! Read here what others have to say about our tracking devices.



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