TrackR wallet is an ultra thin device that can easily slip inside a wallet or be attached to any commonly misplaced item via a lanyard. It has been designed specifically to comfortably fit inside any wallet and withstand being sat on continuously, click here to see our TrackR Wallet.

TrackR sticker is our smallest TrackR device, and is about the size of a £1 coin. For this reason, it is very multi-functional. It can be attached to numerous items via adhesive backing or lanyard.  Click here to see our TrackR Sticker.

TrackR bravo is thin like the TrackR wallet – about 1 mm thinner – and multi-functional like TrackR sticker- round and discrete so it can be attached or stuck to anything. It is about the size of a two pence piece. In addition, TrackR bravo is designed from the same aluminum as popular Apple products so it’s very sleek and durable, and features a brand new battery tray that makes replacing batteries easier than ever before. TrackR bravo also offers custom laser engraved messages, multiple color options, and an accessory pack, which includes waterproof housing and a metal key ring.   Buy our TrackR Bravo here.